Clip Art

Need a graphic, photo, logo, letterhead or poster template? Click on the following links to download a native file or a high resolution GIF or JPEG file.


wdt_ID Image Description AI Link GIF / PNG Link
5 White mouse Link Link
8 Black mouse Link Link
9 Brown mouse Link Link
11 White mouse with shading Link Link
12 Hairless mouse Link Link
13 Fat brown mouse Link Link
14 Fat black mouse Link Link
15 Female fly Link Link
16 Male fly Link Link
17 Lipd layer on a path Link Link
18 DNA on a path Link Link
19 DNA Link Link
20 Bone Link Link
21 Test tube Link Link
22 Screw-cap tube Link Link
23 Syringe Link Link
24 Petri dish Link Link
25 Nerve and muscle Link Link
26 Kidney Link Link
27 Liver Link Link
28 Intestine Link Link
29 Intestine2 Link Link
30 Muscle Link Link
31 Periodic table of elements Link Link
32 Transmembrane helix Link Link
33 Eppendorf tube Link Link


wdt_ID Image Description GIF / PNG Link
5 HF DeLuca Biochemistry Labs Link
22 Photo of 1985 Biochemistry addition Link
23 HF DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building Link
24 Biochemistry building (blt. 1912) Link
25 Postcard of original Biochemistry building (circa 1922) Link
26 Biochemistry complex Link
27 Bock Labs Link
29 UW-Madison Photo Library Link


wdt_ID Image Description AI Link GIF / PNG Link
5 Department of Biochemistry Link Link
21 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Link
22 University of Wisconsin crest Link Link
23 Bucky Badger Link
24 Bucky Badger in a labcoat Link Link
25 Bucky Badger with a pipetor Link Link
27 Additional UW-Madison logos Link


wdt_ID Image Description Doc Link
5 Biochemistry
6 IPiB

Poster template

wdt_ID Image Description Pptx Link
5 Biochemistry poster template (PowerPoint) Link

All of the Adobe Illustrator files can have their colors, line weights or sizes changed.

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